Saintwears founder, Khalid Brian Ali, started his life in fashion in a small Fashion boutique in Londons Piccadilly Circus. After a year he had his own thriving clothing store in world famous Carnaby Street selling jeans and leather jackets which were locally made by factories in Brick Lane and Shoreditch. Later opening a store in High Street Kensington.

After moving to New York In 1982 Brian started a new clothing company, a large part of which was production of leather jackets. Selling to all the major American Department stores, catalogues and television marketing. Manufacturing in five different countries, sourcing fabrics from all over the world. 

After taking a break, Khalid’s passion for leather has driven him to re launch his career in the leather garment industry with a line of mens and women's motorcycle and fashion leather jackets. Hence Saintwears is born.

Fighting food poverty for all children

As a company "Saintwears" is committed to fighting food poverty for all children around the world. Saintwears will donate 10% of its annual profit revenue for hungry children around the world to help fight this horrible epidemic. 

Saintwears staff are also personally committed to protect children against abuse & hunger around the world.

"Committed To Protect One Child At A Time"